Neighborhood Profile April 15, 2021

Neighborhood Profile #1


Samarkand is a well-maintained, single-family neighborhood in the heart of Santa Barbara. Talk about a great location. Samarkand is minutes away from some of north state street’s shops and restaurants. It is a quick “drive” from Santa Barbara Golf Club. Located in proximity to the Earl Warren Show Grounds and nestled in between Oak and Mackenzie Park.

Even though Samarkand is one of Santa Barbara’s smaller neighborhoods, it still has 733 residential dwellings. The two most prevalent styles of homes in Samarkand are Spanish colonial and cottage style. Most homes in this neighborhood have views of the Santa Yanez Mountains. While there is no HOA, the residence of Samarkand take pride in their neighborhood. Every street has multiple front yard gardens which host a variety of flower and tree species. In the past year, the most expensive home sold in the neighborhood was $1,850,00. On the other side of the spectrum, the least expensive was $916,000.

On my stroll through Samarkand, I saw neighbors walking their dogs, jogging through the streets, and riding bikes. A fair amount of activity for a Sunday afternoon. I stopped to ask a couple that was watering their flowers, “What makes Samarkand so special?” To which they replied, “The proximity to everything and the inclusive neighborhood community.” They had lived in Samarkand for the past 40 years and “loved every minute of it.” My walkthrough of Samarkand ended in Mackenzie Park. The jungle gyms at the park were empty, but the baseball fields were filled.