Neighborhood Profile August 17, 2021

East Mesa

East Mesa Neighborhood Profile
East Mesa is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Santa Barbara. The elevation of East Mesa provides residents with views of the mountains and the ocean. Located a thousand steps from the beach this lively neighborhood is bordered by Shoreline and La Mesa Parks. Some of the nearby dining options include Mesa Burger, Sam’s to go, and Mesa Verde. Lazy Acres is a local favorite for groceries; it is like Whole Foods with a pinch of Trader Joe’s.

East Mesa is a small lot single-family neighborhood, apart from some multiple-family areas near Oceano and Barranca Avenues. Most of the East Mesa neighborhood has a general plan designation of 5 du/acre with E-3 zoning. There is a commercial area near the corner of Cliff Drive and Meigs Road. East Mesa sits on 376 acres with over 1600 Existing Dwelling Units. This neighborhood has a remarkably diverse selection of home styles. You can find modern, Eclectic Cape Cod and California bungalow homes throughout East Mesa. With no HOA, East Mesa is a thriving affluent community in and of itself. In the past year, the most expensive and least expensive homes sold were for $1,300,000 $4,995,000.

Walking around East Mesa, I felt a profound sense of community. There were families riding bikes around Shoreline Park. At the same time, a yoga class took place at La Mesa Park. As the sun went down, I struck up a conversation with two locals. They were relaxing in their front lawn chairs, drinking some craft kombucha. I asked them, “what makes East Mesa so special?” They smiled and told me. “The many views and the wonderful neighborhood families make it a place like no other.”