More About Me

A licensed Real Estate Salesperson in California and based in Santa Barbara, Spencer Thomas Cole is passionate about helping real estate buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate goals and have the best experience possible. Raised by a real estate investor doing fix and flips, Spencer watched how his father served people passionately, an experience that sparked in him a desire for real estate. Spencer holds degrees in Economics and Business Administration, which have greatly enhanced his understanding of the business side of real estate and enables him to guide, educate, and provide sound advice for real estate transactions.   

After graduating, Spencer pursued his dream in real estate starting as an unpaid intern for Ruth Ann Bowe, a successful Village Properties REALTOR® with over 20 years of experience in the field. As an intern, his determination and eagerness to learn more, as well as his thorough and meticulous approach in executing tasks assigned to him quickly got him promoted to personal assistant for Ruth Ann.   

As a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Spencer gears everything he does towards serving his clients’ needs and guaranteeing their satisfaction. A keen and detail-oriented listener, he goes out of his way to get his clients what they want and share with them the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, beaches, and the city that offer him the pride to call Santa Barbara home. Spencer’s clients benefit from his eagerness to serve, a composed, kind and warm personality that makes them feel comfortable, and his focus on creating relationships that allows him to earn friends from some of his clients. He is reputable among his friends for being charismatic, loving, self-driven, and selfless.     

When he’s not helping his clients to make their dreams a reality, he enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, riding his bike through Chase Palm Park, and attending Church on Sundays. The one thing that makes working with Spencer worthwhile is that he pursues his clients’ dreams like they were his own.